We Originate or Duplicate Auto Keys

We can duplicate most auto keys including keys that feature high security transponders or "chips." These transponder keys must be physically cut to match the exact bittings of the ignition and door locks and then the transponder must be paired or programmed into the car's internal computer to allow the key to bypass the anti-theft system and actually start and operate the car.

Lost your only car key?

We can originate a new key by analyzing your vehicles VIN number to determine the key number of your factory installed Door and ignition locks. This allows us to cut a key and then program the transponder to your vehicle to get you up and running again. Unlike the dealers we come to you which saves you the money and hassle of having  your car towed to a dealer!!

Lock Repair

If your lock is not working or is not working well, we can help you out! Whether your lock needs to be lubricated, re-pinned, adjusted, or replaced we can make sure that you and your valuables are secure! We service all types of locks from knobs and levers to mortise locks!

Rekey your House!

The best way to control who has access to your house is to re-key your locks. Re-keying your locks changes the pin combinations inside of your existing lock cylinder to ensure that all old keys no longer work. This means that anyone who used to have access will no longer be able to enter your home. We can provide  you with as many new keys as you may require so that you can choose who has a key to your home.

Locked Out?

At some point it happens to everyone. Whether its your home or your auto we can get you in quick!

Featured Residential Services

Ready to Go Keyless?

If your hands are full of groceries it can be a real hassle to get your keys out to unlock your door, with the Arrow Revolution Deadbolt now you don't have too. The arrow revolution deadbolt features a touchscreen keypad (similar to a smart phone) that accepts a code to allow access to your home. It even can be programmed with separate codes for pet sitters, cleaners, or repair men so that you don't have to hide a key or give a key to contractors. Codes can easily be added or deleted so the homeowner can control who has access at any given time. The revolution can also be programmed to automatically lock to provide added peace of mind.

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Safe Sales and Service

We sell and service most kinds of residential safes. We stock several types of safes from small personal safes to large executive safes. We offer safes with a variety of locking systems from the tried and true mechanical dial, keyed access, dual keyed access, key and combination access, digital combination access, and BIOMETRIC ACCESS!

If your locked out of your safe we can help you with that too! For SENTRY brand safes we can provide you with the factory set Combination once we have verified your proof of ownership. We can also bypass almost any manufacturers locking system to get your valuables back in case of lost Combinations.