Door Repair/Replacement

We Repair or Replace Commercial Steel and Wood doors. We can repair or replace FIRE RATED commercial doors also. If your door is not shutting properly due to damage by the wind or other causes we can get it back up and working. We can replace individual hinges, re hang the door on a ROTON Hinge or even adjust/re-secure the frame. We can make your door shut correctly and latch easily!

Door Closer

We sell and install NORTON, LCN, ARROW, and HAGER surface mounted mechanical door closers. These are some of the finest commercial door closers available today. we also offer replacement models for many concealed header and floor closers for glass doors.

Automatic Door Openers

We can install a variety of Automatic door openers that will ensure that your business is handicap accessible. These door operators also are very helpful in allowing for general customer and employee access while preventing high energy bills that occur when doors are propped or left open.

Automatic door openers can utilize handicap accessible push buttons inside and outside of the door to allow the users to open the door or they can use more advanced technology like motion sensors or even touch-less sensors that eliminate the possibility of exposure to germs because instead of touching the button people simply wave their hand in front of it.

Master Key System

We use the latest technology to bring you the most accurate and custom keying systems available. We can specifically tailor your master key system to meet your business needs. We can eliminate the need for your employees to carry unnecessary keys or to spend time hunting for keys to specific doors. Our master key systems make life much simpler while allowing you to tightly control who has access to every part of you business. We also retain records so that expanding your master key system when your business grows is not a hassle. A master key system also makes it easy to deal with personnel changes by re-keying doors to a new key on the existing system. Once you have a master key system with us you can also call in orders for duplicate keys that you need! Call today to schedule a time for us to meet with you and discuss the possibilities!!

Featured Commercial Services

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Alarmed Door Exit Devices

We offer alarm locks and DETEX devices that will sound an audible alarm in the even that an emergency exit door is opened in your business. These devices allow you to balance the need for emergence egress and loss prevention. These devices can be temporarily disabled by key to allow for loading/unloading or trash removal.

File Cabinet and Desk Locks

We can cut you new keys for your desk or file cabinet lock based on the code inscribed on the lock face. This eliminates the hassle of searching for lost keys during personnel changes or when moving furniture around.