Key Override

Although we can install battery backups it may become necessary in cases of prolonged loss of power to may to override an access control system with a key. This is why we recommend MEDECO High Security locks and keys to be used as key over rides. Our competition uses low security key overrides which means all of the money you spent on your access control system can easily and quickly be bypassed by picking, drilling, or bumping their low security key over rides.

Access Control

Electric Locks

Electric Locks are a great way to add access control to doors. Instead of cutting out the frame to install a strike you replace existing hardware with an electrified lock. This simplifies installation while still maintaining strong physical security that is extremely reliable.

Access Control System

We offer access control system panels that can control anywhere from a single door to one hundred doors. Our panels offer real time monitoring with event audit capabilities. Our panels work with mag locks, electric strikes, automatic door openers, and many other access control devices. If you go with a hardwired system user credentials can be added or deleted instantly which allows you greater management of who has access to your building and when.

Card Access

We offer access controls system that utilize card access. Card access is a relatively inexpensive way to control who has access to certain areas of your business and when. Smart cards can be custom printed with company information or even employee information including a photo to ensure that the person using the credential is the person you issued the credential too.

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks are a great way to secure high value doors in your building. Mag locks work great on exterior doors and can be left unlocked for periods of time (unlocked periods controlled by Access control System prorramming) to allow customers easy access during business hours and then the mag locks can be programmed to automatically lock at the end of the day at closing time.

Electric Strikes

Great for retro fitting doors to upgrade them to part of a new access control system. The strikes are cut into the frame and allow existing hardware (locks) to work with card access systems. This means you get access control and audit capabilities without replacing most of your existing hardware. We even stock electric strikes that work in conjunction with existing panic bars and our strikes can be set to fail safe operation to comply with fire codes.

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